A venture fund with founders at heart

Investing in market-defining companies at Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A

What is Aktia Ventures?

Our purpose

We invest in founders with passion and heart, building tech-driven, industry-shaping businesses. The founders who have all built market-defining companies ourselves. We are addicted to helping other exceptional founders do the same.


We’ve got your back

Every entrepreneur possesses a distinct set of qualities. Our passion as investors is to understand your superpowers and help you assemble the perfect puzzle pieces around you to create a world-changing company.


We’ve been in your shoes

As founders, investors, and operators, we've been fortunate to be a part of some meaningful company successes and failures over the years. We’ve lived the full journey over and over, from audacious start to pivots and to triumphant exits.


We’re all in this together

Our investor ecosystem is a passionate and powerful network of CEOs, entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, data scientists, marketing thought-leaders, seasoned operators, and growth experts. We rally around you and your team like you’re family.


What does Aktia Ventures invest in?

We invest in early-stage, technology-driven companies, that solve a complex business issues, and with a base in or core team from Norway. We can lead, co-lead. We are phase agnostic and can participate in pre-seed, seed, and Series A equity investment rounds. We also have a debt instrument for mid size companies with a robust cash flow.

Do I need to have some connection to Aktia to invest?

Nope. We've made several investments in companies we previously had no relations with. Your team is important to us. As part of our due dill we'll check you up if we don't know you from before.

Can Aktia Ventures lead financing rounds in Aktia Startup Studio companies?

Yes. Bringing in external financing just for the sake of capital might not be a good idea. We believe in smart capital. If external capital can bring something to the table we are thrilled. If not we are prepared to fill the gap.

What don’t you invest in?

"Our core is cases where innovative use of tech is solving a complex issue. "Complex issues" can be regulatory issues, really complex tech solutions, creating a B2B network, etc. These are cases where an entry barrier exist for a successful solution. We normally won’t invest in categories like pure biotech, energy, or pharma. We know what we’re good at. Those aren’t it.

What is the relationship between Aktia Venture Studio, Aktia Venture Cap and Aktia Direct Lending?

They are directed towards different stages and companies.
The Venture Studio is a joint operation, where we are operationally involved in building a great company together with world class founders. Examples are Travelopment, Knowledgebase and Percepia, where we have built companies together with great founders, based on a mixture of their ideas and our ideas.
The Venture Cap is where we enter companies where we can add value through capital and added experience. Examples are Jaja Finance and Graphiq.
The Direct Lending business are more mature companies, where the greatest value creation will be through loan financing rather than equity.

What is too early-stage for Aktia to consider?

Nothing is too early for us to consider. Really. We have written term sheets for entrepreneurs before they even have a deck.

Do you ever invest outside of the Norway?

Rarely. When we invest out-of-region, we do so because we know the entrepreneur, team, or board well, or the company is building in an area which we feel we are able to provide distinct support.

Is there something special I can expect from Aktia as an investor?

You bet. We are supporting you in every phase of the business and life. Our uniqueness lies in the combined efforts of our management team and also the experience, resourceful and well-connected investors we have.

I’d love to get in contact with your investment team, but don’t have mutual connections who can introduce me. How can I connect with you guys?

While warm introductions are always most meaningful, if you don’t have any mutual acquaintances in common with our team, that’s okay! You can reach out to any of us directly. Usually, it’s <firstname>.<lastname>@aktia.no, or you can email the team at hello@aktia.no or call us on +4797778316.

Who are YOUR investors at Aktia?

We’re fortunate to have what we believe is the most experienced and relavant investors in Norway.
We have 15 investors, who are all successful business leaders who get a lot of energry from engaging in your business. Their experience range from investor communication to IT to market communication to entrepreneurial businesses to innovation in large corporates to multi-billion investment management to financial controlling to large Silicon Valley successes to you name it. And all will be there for you!